The Megadeth rhythm section of drummer Shawn Drover and founding bassist David Ellefson released a video statement through Roadrunner Records from deep in the heart of the set for the music video for 'Public Enemy No. 1.' The song is the first single from the band's upcoming album, 'TH1RT3EN.'

"We're somewhere in California at an undisclosed, private location," Drover joked in the video.

Ellefson was more forthcoming, revealing that they were in fact hanging out on a movie set in Valencia, Calif., near the famous Magic Mountain amusement park north of Los Angeles.

"We have never shot a video like this before," Ellefson explained. "There's actually animals in the movie -- that's all we can say. [Animals] besides us ... Actually, the animals are probably better behaved!"

Perhaps Mr. Ellefson is forgetting the goat featured in the classic Megadeth video 'Go to Hell' from the 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey' soundtrack? Of course that was released in 1991, but Loudwire remembers!

Megadeth is fresh from their appearance at Yankee Stadium with the rest of the Big 4, which marked the first time Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth performed together on one stage on the East Coast.

"That was awesome, that was a great, great show," Drover said in the video.

"It was monumental," he added, unable to resist a great pun: "Monu-metal!"

Band leader Dave Mustaine isn't present in the short video update. Astute 'Droogies' (as the most diehard of Megadeth fans are called) are well aware that the frontman was due to have surgery for a neck injury he sustained on this summer's Rockstar Mayhem tour. At the Big 4 event, Mustaine told Rolling Stone that the surgery has caused them to postpone some tour plans, but that otherwise, all shall be well.

'Public Enemy No. 1' is available on iTunes now. 'TH1RT3EN' is due in November.

Watch Megadeth Update Fans About the 'Public Enemy No. 1' Video Shoot