Have Memphis May Fire gone big time on us? Don't fret, Memphis May Fire fans, and we suggest you stick through to the end of the band's new video for "Wanting More."

The clip finds the band rolling up in a vintage automobile, sporting some stylish threads and looking as cleaned up and respectable as you may ever see them. It's not long before these high rollers find themselves enjoying bottle service at a rooftop Los Angeles bar in a high end establishment while flashing money and singing about "wanting more."

But, as we know, these are the tatted up, in-your-face rockers we've come to love and this dalliance with fancy things can't last. It's not long before their doffing their duds in favor of rock t-shirts and returning to the garage where they can really unleash the chugging guitars, swinging drum beat and aggressive vocals that power the song. Watch the Bryson Roatch-directed video above.

"Wanting More" can be found on the band's fifth studio album, This Light I Hold, which is currently available at Amazon and iTunes. The band will return to the road stateside in June. See all of their scheduled shows here.