Remember Tim Keller, the metal-loving mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico? He introduced Trivium onstage the very first day he was elected and now he's getting business done at the office and takes it to... a new level!

While signing a bill granting family paid leave to City of Albuquerque employees, Mayor Keller elected to wear his Pantera Christmas sweater to mark the photo opportunity. In his tweet sharing the news, Keller thanked Pantera's Rex Brown, a resident of New Mexico, for the sweater. Check out the photo below.

Keller introduced Trivium at an Alubquerque show in December of last year and in our interview with the mayor, he reflected on that night. "When I did the intro for Trivium, that was actually my inauguration day. That was my first full day, and I left my own parade to go 'open' for Trivium," he said. "I was so excited. For me, it was just this cool dream-come-true way to start being the Mayor of Albuquerque and also getting to introduce the band that I love," Keller went on. "Those were two things that were incredible that happened basically in the same 24 hours. So that was really, really cool."

When asked if heavy metal informed his politics, Keller explained, "For me, actually, it’s played a significant role in terms of a couple of things. One, just the notion of challenging the system, I think, is fundamentally metal and also fundamental to the reason why I’m even in public service, in politics. I’ve always tended to be a little bit of a maverick and not someone who fits in a particular political arena. Bands that are somewhat more political than others, like Sepultura or even System of a Down, has taught me to be my own person and not take the status quo as acceptable."

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