Metallica are in Quebec City this week for some historic shows as the band just played the farewell show at the Colisee Pepsi and will usher in a new era Wednesday night at the grand opening of the new Centre Videotron. To help mark the occasions, there's a rare, limited edition memento that fans might want to look out for. The group has teamed with Labatt / Budweiser to place their brand on a limited edition run of beer that are tied to promotion of the shows.

According to Le Journal de Quebec, to kick off the promotion, a tanker truck filled with Budweiser will be parked out in front of the Centre Videotron in honor of Metallica's performance. After the show is complete, the truck will return to the Labatt plant in LaSalle, near Montreal.

Then, on Sept. 28, the limited edition run of Metallica-branded beer will be made available in cans, coming in cases of 15 and 24. More than 91,000 cans are expected to hit the market as a promotional tie-in to Metallica's historic performances at the two Quebec City shows.

"We are very pleased that the guys in Metallica are participating in this unique partnership that marks the history of the Centre Videotron," stated Labatt spokesperson Jean Gagnon.

Metallica have been working on new music throughout the year, with scattered dates breaking up the studio time. After the Quebec performances, the only other date on their schedule is the Rock in Rio Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sept. 19. While the band has been chipping away on their next album, an official release date or album title has yet to be announced.

Metallica Branded Budweiser Beer

Budweiser / Labatt
Budweiser / Labatt

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