Metallica's first-ever show in India was canceled at the 11th hour yesterday. The band issued a statement about the security concerns pertaining to the show and riots even broke out. Now, the organizers of the concert, which was set to take place in Gurgaon, have been arrested.

NDTV reports that four people, including a senior executive at DNA, the event and entertainment management company responsible for the show, have been cuffed. Rajesh Chadwani, the operational head of DNA, was arrested on charges of both cheating people and breach of trust. Three members of his team were also arrested. The foursome is being accused of selling more tickets than were actually available; they reportedly sold 25,000 tickets to the event.

The show was canceled on Friday for "technical reasons" after two announced postponements. The promoters have said that they will issue refunds to all ticket holders, with information about exactly how to obtain refunds being explained in full-page advertisements which will run in the next 24 hours.

Metallica's show in Bangalore is still schedule to take place as planned on Sunday.

The Four Horsemen's first-ever shows in India have been fraught with drama for weeks.