In a new interview on ‘Elliott in the Morning,’ Metallica frontman James Hetfield discussed the upcoming ‘Concert for Valor,’ fantasy football, the World Series and opened up about the 10th anniversary of their documentary ‘Some Kind of Monster,’ saying, “I learned a lot about what I don’t like about me.”

Next month the band will release the 10th anniversary of ‘Metallica: Some Kind of Monster,’ which chronicles three turbulent years in the band’s history including a lineup change, personal issues, and the making of their ‘St. Anger’ album. The two-disc Blu-ray edition of the 2004 documentary also includes a new 25-minute follow-up segment ‘Metallica: This Monster Lives,’ which features updated interviews as the band looks back at the film and its anniversary.

In the interview above, Hetfield said he still has a difficult time watching the band bare their souls in the film. "Hearing yourself, watching yourself, seeing the mirror back at what other people see. Especially where Joe [Berlinger] and Bruce [Sinofsky], the directors of this, they ended up being pretty much fly on the wall, so you really kind of forget the cameras are there and you're being yourself.” He added, “A lot of times I'm not really comfortable with myself and seeing myself in the situations, but, man, I learned a lot about what I don't like about me. Which was good, it was a good mirror. And I think everyone involved in that movie pretty much felt the same way about themselves."

The guitarist and singer also discussed the band’s upcoming performance at the ‘Concert for Valor,’ which takes place in Washington, D.C., next month. The event serves as a fundraiser supporting a number of veteran’s service organizations assisting servicemen and women with employment, education opportunities, health and wellness and integration back into civilian life.

Hetfield said the band is honored to be performing at the big event adding, “We’re out there to support all the Veterans support everyone who has ever been in or is going in to be able to take care of themselves and their families integrate back into society, because they’re heroes.”

The band will join an eclectic slate of artists at the event including Dave Grohl, Emienm, Jamie Foxx. Rihanna, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood, the Zac Brown Band and more. The concert will take place on Veterans Day (Tuesday, Nov. 11) and will air live on HBO starting at 7 PM ET. The channel will offer its affiliates the opportunity to broadcast the show, allowing nonsubscribers a chance to watch the live special.

Metallica will release their 10th anniversary of ‘Some Kind of Monster’ on Nov. 24. You can pre-order it here. The band will also release a limited 12-inch vinyl single of the new song ‘Lords of Summer’ on Record Store Day on Nov. 28.

Metallica have been working on their 10th studio album, which is expected to arrive sometime in 2015.

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