Music is a passion for the members of Metallica, but it's not their only passion. Guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Rob Trujillo have also found enjoyment riding waves, and their love of surfing has led them to being named the keynote speakers at the upcoming Surf Summit 17.

According to, the rockers will speak to those in attendance during the Saturday, May 17 event at the Melia Cabo Real in Los Cabos, Mexico. Registration for the event is currently open through April 1 at this location.

Hammett has been a longtime, die-hard surfer who grew up in California, and his love of surfing is just one of the things he bonded with Trujillo over when the bassist joined Metallica in 2003. Trujillo grew up as part of the Venice Dogtown scene in California, which has been the backyard for some of the world's most renowned skaters and surfers.

The Metallica musicians intend on not only discussing their love of surfing, but also how they manage success and what it's like to perform with one of metal's most legendary acts.