For those of you who didn't make it to Atlantic City, Metallica has been recapping the events for their fans. Earlier this week, they posted a video with highlights of Day 1, and now comes the video (posted below) for Day 2.

In the video, we get a closer look at Lars Ulrich's 'Hit the Lights' tent, where he hosted his own mini film festival. The highlight package in particular features Lars and his filmmaker father discussing his film 'Before the Wall,' and you get to see exactly where the drummer longwinded nature comes from. Later in the package, you get to see Ulrich speaking about the premiere of 'Mission to Lars.'

There's also an up close look inside Kirk's Crypt, the staging area for Kirk Hammett's collection of horror themed props, movie posters, and memorabilia. Plus, there's also a brief walk through of the Metallica Museum that was on display for fans.

On the music front, there's a snippet of Ghost's performance with an introduction by James Hetfield, a performance by the Trujillo trio, a glance inside the rehearsal room as Metallica prepare for the night's performance, the group's pre-show pep talk from James Hetfield, and finally up to the stage for 'Hit the Lights,' and 'Master of Puppets.' Though not featured in the video, Day 2 did include the full performance of Metallica's the 'Black Album.'

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Watch Metallica's Orion Festival Day 2 Recap