When Metallica were in San Diego last week to promote their upcoming 3D movie 'Metallica Through the Never,' they also played a 'secret' show at the Spreckels Theatre that night (July 19). They have now posted an official video recap of that gig (watch above).

The 24-minute video includes footage of the band's rehearsal and their performance of 'Seek and Destroy' from the secret show. You'll also see drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett briefly swap instruments. They play with a lot of enthusiasm, but not a lot of skill, and quickly go back to their regular places on stage.

'Metallica Through the Never' is a 3D movie that combines a traditional cinematic plot with concert footage of the metal giants performing.

In an interview with Hitfix, director Nimrod Antal talked about the vision for the film. "Tonally and within the film structure -- with the atmosphere of the film -- there were certainly certain songs that played well into our hands. We stayed real faithful to the band's set-list and tried to form a narrative we could weave into the concert," Antal said. "The band's persona, their energy and certainly the love they have for what they do, those made their way into the film. I'm very proud of it."

‘Metallica Through the Never’ can be seen in IMAX theaters beginning on Sept. 27 followed by a wider release on Oct. 4. Pre-orders for tickets are available here.