We're nearing the end of Metallica's unprecedented video rollout for each track on Hardwired... To Self-Destruct. The last of the videos, concerning the standard studio tracks at least (one was made for "Lords of Summer"), comes for "Spit Out the Bone," which is also the final song off the double album.

If you've been keeping up with each song thus far, it's become evident that Metallica are caught between a world of mid-tempo, lumbering grooves and the manic, thrash-pacing of their early days. "Spit Out the Bone" is one of the fastest songs on the album and the video narrative matches the intensity. Here, Metallica give us a preview of a dystopian future, where flying spiked orbs signal death and destruction, shooting lethal laser beams.

Two characters emerge in the music video, one the apparent antagonist who is decked out in post-apocalyptic garb, backed by a legion of masked henchmen in red robes. Taking on the feel of an action flick, a fight breaks out between the ninja-like henchmen and the protagonist while Metallica keep their foot on the accelerator through a thrilling solo section and more furious riffing.

It's been a whirlwind with every song off Metallica's new record out for consumption prior to tomorrow's (Nov. 18) release. Earlier in the year, rumors kicked up alleging that the thrash legends would be embarking on a stadium tour across the U.S. and bassist Robert Trujillo confirmed this would indeed be happening.

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