The post-victory celebration of Metallica's 30th anniversary bash continues with a 33-minute video recapping the second of four fan-club-only shows the band performed Dec. 7 at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

The video starts with jokes from emcee/comedian Jim Breuer and features Armored Saint playing 'Delirious Nomad,' Metallica debuting the previously unreleased 'Just a Bullet Away' -- an outtake from 'Death Magnetic -- and 'To Live is to Die,' the mostly-instrumental track from '...And Justice For All.'

The video also depicts Marianne Faithful stepping up for background vocals on 'The Memory Remains,' John Bush (Armored Saint, ex-Anthrax) taking lead on 'The Four Hoursemen,' ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted playing on 'Creeping Death' and Mercycul Fate members King Diamond, Hank Shermann, Michael Denner, Timi Hansen for a medley of classic Mercyful Fate songs including 'Into the Coven,' 'Evil,' and an all-star closer of 'Seek and Destroy.'

Other highlights from the night not depicted in the video included Kid Rock on a cover of Bob Seger's 'Turn the Page,' Newsted on 'Battery,' and Lou Reed, who joined Metallica to play 'Iced Honey' and 'The View' from their collaboration album 'Lulu,' and a cover of Velvet Underground's 'White Light/White Heat.'

Watch Highlights From the Second Night of Metallica's 30th Anniversary Shows

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