Welcome to the Hard Rock Football League, where bands represent their respective cities in a playoff-like competition. This first round matchup features the Metallica-led San Francisco Lightning squaring off against Judas Priest's Birmingham (U.K.) Painkillers.

Inspired by Motley Crue's Vince Neil recently being awarded a Las Vegas Arena Football League team and Kiss having their own Los Angeles AFL team, we've teamed up with Ultimate Classic Rock to create the Hard Rock Football league featuring 16 teams.

In this matchup, Metallica's San Francisco Lightning step onto the gridiron ready to kill 'em all. They've got the fuel, they've got the fire and they've got the desire to take it all. They're ready to unleash a frantic attack on Judas Priest, which could leave their opponents with whiplash. The team is currently in the locker room where they're designing plays for their next album, ahem, game.

And while football is relatively new in the U.K., Judas Priest are fast learners. The Birmingham (U.K.) Painkillers are ready to ram Metallica's Lightning down with their own brand of demolition. If you think this is an easy victory for Metallica, you've got another thing comin'. Judas Priest's Painkillers are locked in on victory while the band rocks the new 'Redeemer of Souls' album.

There's no two-minute warning here. It's time to vote for which football team you'd like to see advance in the Hard Rock Football League. Vote for either Metallica's San Francisco Lightning or Judas Priest's Birmingham (U.K.) Painkillers in the poll provided below. You can vote up to once per hour through Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 8AM ET. The winner will advance to the next round, and ultimately, Loudwire's champion will square off against Ultimate Classic Rock's victor in a final bowl game.

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