Metamorphestra have built a name for themselves over the past year recording orchestral covers of popular rock and metal songs, and they're turning to the fans for help in crowdfunding their next album. But what better way to sell your talents than to show them off and that's a bit of what we get in the video above with the collective rocking out orchestrally to the System of a Down classic, "Chop Suey."

As you can view and hear in the video above, bells, xylophones, percussion and strings help recreate the frenetic rock favorite from System, but the group has chosen another System of a Down cut to appear on their forthcoming The Ship of Theseus album. Though the project is still coming together with the help of the Lyra Chamber Orchestra, Metamorphestra tease that System of a Down's "Toxicity," Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome," Weezer's "Say It Ain't So," Lady Gaga's "Perfect Illusion" and Florence + the Machine's "Shake It Out" will be part of The Ship of Theseus disc. In addition, they are teasing arrangements of songs by Radiohead, Deftones and The Mars Volta as well.

The Ship of Theseus will be the group's second release, following their recent Tantamount album. That disc included renditions of songs by Aerosmith, Arcade Fire, Rage Against the Machine, Skrillex and Tool among others. You can check out the performances of Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" and Tool's "Schism" below.

At present, Metamorphestra are a little over a quarter of the way to their goal of $25,000. Thirty-seven days remain and you can bid upon some of the special incentives for the album at this location.

Metamorphestra Perform Rage Against the Machine's, "Killing in the Name"

Metamorphestra Perform Tool's "Schism"

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