It's official … Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen has overtaken Ozzy Osbourne as the master of insane stories. Actually, the debate is still open, but when comparing the two, this particular story from Jourgensen may tip the scales in his favor.

Al Jourgensen's new biography, 'Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen,' is absolutely packed with some of the most insane recollections ever committed to paper. It's a must-read for any Ministry fan, and during a recent interview with Record Collector Magazine, Jourgensen was asked about the time he gave oral sex to a male bandmate from one of Uncle Al's early projects, Special Affect.

"Oh yeah, I've sucked d--k before, Jesus Christ. If you haven't, you're really missing out," says Jourgensen. "Just give a guy a b---job and he's happy … People are still freaked out about this. Seriously, I mean, you're asking me about it. OK, yeah, I gave b---jobs. So what? I was actually pretty good."

Jourgensen also speaks about the time he chased Metallica out of his dressing room by inserting vegetables into his rump and charging at the band ass-backwards. "That actually has a name: the Flying Dutchman," Jourgensen states for the record. "I attacked them with vegetables sticking out of my ass. Their guitarist, Kirk Hammett, is good. The rest of them were really afraid of me. That singer never wants to see me again. Kirk was the only one who got the humor in Ministry, so I worked with him for a while."

Tool are also featured in Jourgensen's new book, so when we had recently were given the opportunity to interview drummer Danny Carey, we asked him about a tale where Jourgensen gave a member of Tool a bottle of Bushmills laced with LSD. "God, that’s funny, man," says Carey. "That’s like ’91 or ’92, probably. I think maybe that was Paul, our old bass player. I know it wasn’t Adam and I know it wasn’t Maynard and I don’t remember it. Maybe it was me, that’s why I don’t remember." [Laughs]

Carey even went on to divulge an additional story about Uncle Al. "My most memorable thing about being backstage with those guys [Ministry]; I think we were sitting at a bar the first time I saw Al," Carey begins. "He had a straw running through someone’s d–k [Prince Albert piercing]. He was taking a drink out of the straw as it was going through this other guy’s d–k while he was kneeling on the bar. I was like, “What the f— is this guy doing? It was quite a spectacle.” [Laughs]

Get ready for Ministry's 13th album, 'From Beer to Eternity,' which will see a Sept. 6 release date. To buy a copy of 'Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen,' click here.