Whether it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin chugging beer, donning leather and throwing up middle fingers, Sting wearing Crow-style corpse paint or the Ultimate Warrior shaking the ropes with that glorious head of hair, wrestling has always been in bed with heavy metal.

Wrestlemania is this Sunday, but before this year’s showcase of the immortals, we’re taking a look at the most metal wrestlers of all time, starting with one of this year’s main eventers, Becky Lynch.

Growing up, Becky was a big fan of Pantera, Korn and Machine Head, gathering with teenage friends at a place in Ireland called the Central Bank to discuss all things metal. These days, her favorite band is Pearl Jam, but she still appreciates the metallic side of life with acts such as Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. She even throws up the devil horns and headbangs in the ring, so naturally, we’ll be cheering for The Man at Wrestlemania 35.

Nobody reps heavy metal quite like Chris Jericho. His childhood dream was to become a pro wrestler and a rock star, and he actually did both. He's making hits with Fozzy, constantly interviewing bands and debates the merits of classic metal albums on his Talk is Jericho podcast and his name and finishing move are both a tribute to Helloween’s Walls of Jericho album.

The biggest Tool fan in WWE is arguably Braun Strowman. The former Arnold Amateur Strongman champion digs music heavier than his power lifts. He’s friends with Adam Jones too, so hopefully he can convince the guitarist to put out a damn album before next Wrestlemania.

So who's the most metal wrestler of all time? Check out the video above and be sure to watch Wrestlemania this Sunday on the WWE Network.

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