Much has been made about Motley Crue's Las Vegas residency, the first of its kind in Sin City. The residency launched last night (Feb. 3) at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. It's such a landmark series of events that the mayor was compelled to christened yesterday "Motley Crue Day" in the band's honor. Most Crue fans would agree that Motley Crue Day should be an international holiday, right?

Fan-filmed footage from the first show of the residency has already surfaced online and while the audio isn't that great, you can certainly get a sense of what it was like to be a part of rock 'n' roll history. Remember, this is the first-ever hard rock residency in Vegas, as the band has committed to play four nights a week for the next three weeks.

You can check out the band tearing through the classic 'Too Fast for Love' and there's also footage of Tommy Lee's amazing drum roller coaster. Lee truly knows how to transform his kit into an instrument of fun. Playing inverted can't be easy, with all that blood rushing to your head and trying to remain coordinated while your body and kit are in motion, but Tommy Lee is no mere mortal. All we can do is watch in awe.

Only in Vegas, kids. Make that only in Vegas and only with the Crue.

Also, bassist Nikki Sixx commented about the gig on the band's official Facebook page, posting the following note:

"Hello f---ers....First show is under our belts.First shows are always cool cause there not perfect and sometimes it feels like the band and crowd are surfing the chaos together...We had so much fun last night.....Back to rehearsal today to work on some more stuff were adding tonight..So excited...."


Watch Motley Crue 'Too Fast for Love'
Watch Tommy Lee in a Drum Rollercoaster