If Motley Crue fans thought they had to wait until tomorrow’s release of the band’s new single ‘Sex,’ well, surprise! For the next 24 hours the Crue are offering up a free download of the tune as a special thank-you note to their fans. Visit their official website now and submit your email to get your free 'Sex.'

‘Sex’ was written and recorded while Motley Crue took over Sin City with their Las Vegas residency in February and marks the first time they’ve released new music since their 2008 disc ‘Saints of Los Angeles.

In a new interview with Noisecreep, Tommy Lee describes the song as ‘Too Fast for Love’ era Motley Crue meets the future, saying, “It's got a retro Crue kind of vibe to it -- a simplistic riff. But I also think the song has a modern sound to it. There's some cool analog synths in it and a beat that is really funky and modern. So I guess you can say that it has a retro yet modern sound.”

However, adamant about the band moving forward with their sound and continuing to evolve, Lee concluded, “Overall, I think that ‘Sex’ sounds like 2012 and that makes me really happy. It turned out killer! Not that I'm not into some retro-sounding stuff, but it is 2012 kids -- let's keep it moving. At the end of the day, it's a great summertime song that's going to have everybody screaming along to it on this upcoming tour."

Fans will get the chance to scream along to the song when Motley Crue kick off their summer blockbuster tour with Kiss on July 20; check out all the dates here.