At the recent 4th annual Sunset Strip Music Festival on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Motley Crue reigned supreme. The band was honored for their contribution to local music scene over the last 30 years and was awarded the Elmer Valentine Award at a special ceremony at the House of Blues.

Later on during the festival, Motley played a 90 minute set chock full of everything you’d expect from the Crue and maybe a little more – pyrotechnics, fake blood and oh yeah, Tommy Lee’s roller coaster drum extravaganza. Their over the top live shows and hit songs have kept generations of fans coming back year after year, culminating with one of their most successful summer tour runs to date.

Now that their summer tour has officially wrapped, the band is thanking their fans with a revamped video for their adrenaline fueled hit ‘Kickstart My Heart.’ The new video is chock full of footage shot by videographer Bobby Hewitt and takes fans on a behind the scenes look of the tour giving an up-close and personal perspective of the band’s live show.

The band had this to say about it, “We documented the whole tour, top to bottom (the good, the bad and the ugly) and as we were looking through all the amazing footage, we thought how cool it would be to cut together a 'best of visual' for the fans who made this tour happen. This one is just for the fans, from us."

So from Motley Crue to you, check out the new video for ‘Kickstart My Heart’ below.

Watch Motley Crue's New Video for 'Kickstart My Heart'