Motley Crue fans are surely counting down the day until the band's new single 'Sex' sees its release on July 17. However, if you need a bit of a Crue fix to tide you over, the band have posted a 30-second snippet of 'Sex' on their website for fans to sink their teeth into.

Judging from the short clip, Motley Crue are in their element as they admit what is already well-known, "It's all about the sex." Sounding very much like an old-school Crue track, the chorus is simple, easy to remember and as straight-to-the-point as it gets: "Don't need no love and no respect / Cuz it's all about the sex."

Bassist Nikki Sixx recently spoke about 'Sex' and why fans should be pumped to hear the entire song. "It sounds very much like it's off of the first record," Sixx tells VH1 Radio. "And that was definitely on purpose. I've been writing very simple riffs for the last year and focusing on how these riffs would work for Vince basically, and took it in the studio with Tommy and Mick and the thing just came alive."

'Sex' will make its debut in full form on July 13 via SiriusXM before being unleashed to the public to steal your girlfriend on July 17.

Check out the 30-second clip of Motley Crue's 'Sex' in the player below.

Listen to a Clip of Motley Crue, 'Sex'