Back in April, rocker Vince Neil and actor Nicolas Cage tussled outside a Las Vegas hotel after the Motley Crue singer allegedly assaulted a female. Now, a woman is suing Neil for $75,000 in damages related to that incident.

Shared by TMZ, the original video (watch below) got a huge number of views due in part to its pure absurdity. Cage was apparently getting Neil under control after the actor saw him attack a woman. A registered nurse named Kelly Guerrero claims she and her 14-year-old son approached Cage to compliment him on his acting, and that's when things apparently got ugly.

According to the lawsuit filed by Guerrero, Vince Neil and Nicolas Cage were engaging in “horseplay,” with Cage putting Neil in a headlock. The mother and son then tried to get Cage’s attention with the elder Guerrero saying, “My son loved you in Ghost Rider and City of Angels.” The suit states, “As Mr. Cage let go of Vince Neil and was walking away, Vince Neil attacked Kelly without warning or provocation. Neil grabbed Kelly's hair from behind, yanking her down to the pavement on her back." This is when Cage allegedly came to the rescue, as the TMZ video shows. Guerrero, who also claims Neil assaulted another women once Cage released him from his grip, is suing for "substantial medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress."

Vince was initially cited with misdemeanor battery by the Las Vegas Police Department but not arrested. However, he was recently formally charged with misdemeanor battery. As for Guerrero, she was reportedly diagnosed with a “fractured coccyx and a severe hip injury” by her primary physician.

The lawsuit claims Neil was "severely intoxicated and/or under the influence of powerful drug(s)" and brings up the singer’s 1984 vehicular manslaughter incident and the assault of a sex worker at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in 2004 as instances of a ”long history of self-centered, irresponsible, drunken, and violent behavior," and “attacking those he apparently perceives as weaker and subservient to him, including women and purported fans of the aging 'rock star.'" [via Broadly]

Vince Neil is scheduled to appear in Las Vegas Justice Court on July 27 for the misdemeanor battery charge.

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