Here we have two mascots representing a couple powerhouse bands from the 1980s. Allister Fiend is an extension of the Motley Crüe image that adorned merchandise and promotional flyers whenever the band wasn't in front of a camera. The Man with the Metal Mask plays a similar role in Quiet Riot, acting as an extension of the band as well.

Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx decided to turn his drawing into the band's mascot, which embraced the same things the reckless band did. Allister Fiend is an embodiment of the "sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" mantra and can easily serve as the mascot for all of glam, but Motley Crüe get to call him their own.

Quite literally defining metalhead, the Man with the Metal Mask has been a fixture of Quiet Riot's imagery. He helped skyrocket the band's success on the album Metal Health, an obvious play on "mental health" furthered by his straightjacket attire and hospital setting in the video for the title track.

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