Congrats to Motley Crue, as 'Wild Side' advances in the Classic Cage Match. The track, with its instantly recognizable guitar lick and full-on adrenaline, bested the Guns N' Roses classic 'Welcome to the Jungle' in the fan vote and will rock on to face another opponent from 1987.

And what an opponent it is!!! In 1987, Whitesnake emerged as one of the hottest bands in rock and their anthemic single 'Here I Go Again' was virtually inescapable. The fist-pumping drum beat, the powerful David Coverdale vocals and some wailing guitar work made this one of the most recognizable songs of the era. And it still stands the test of time.

But how will it do against Motley Crue's 'Wild Side,' a classic in its own right. That's up to you to decide. Set your dials to 11 and rock out Motley Crue's 'Wild Side' and Whitesnake's 'Here I Go Again' in the players below. Then vote for which 1987 track rules a little more. The winning band will then advance to face a new opponent.

(This Cage Match will run until Friday, Feb. 28, at 2PM ET. Fans can vote once per hour! So come back and vote often to make sure your favorite song wins!)

Motley Crue, 'Wild Side'

Whitesnake, 'Here I Go Again'

Rules of Classic Cage Match:

Classic Cage Match songs must be at least 10 years old. Fans can vote once per hour for their favorite song. If a band remains the reigning champ for five straight cage matches, they are entered into the Loudwire Classic Cage Match Hall of Fame. With so many great songs out there, we have to give other bands a chance!