The debut album Ride from Motor Sister was released earlier this year, and now the band is unveiling the lyric video for the track "This Song Reminds Me of You." The supergroup's lineup includes Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, his wife Pearl Aday, Mother Superior frontman Jim Wilson, Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera  and former Rob Zombie drummer John Tempesta.

The band's origin is an interesting story. Ian is a big fan of Mother Superior and Pearl had worked with Wilson for many years. For his 50th birthday party, Ian wanted to hear Mother Superior play live again.

“I wanted to cherry-pick a set list of my favorite Mother Superior songs and get these guys together and have the concert at my house,” Ian says of the event that eventually led to an album.

Ian continues, “Jim was totally into the idea. Pearl was a huge Mother Superior fan from way back and was in. I asked my good friends Joey Vera and John Tempesta to be a part of it because I knew they were both big fans as well and with no hesitation they said, ‘We’re in.’”

Ian says Motor Sister are not just a one-off project, and that for their second album, they play to write original material instead of doing exclusively Mother Superior songs. He says they will also probably record another Mother Superior song or two, because they love them so much.

The band is getting ready to embark on Motorhead's Motorboat Cruise that sets sail Sept. 28. Ian will be pulling double duty as Anthrax are also performing, along with bands such as SlayerSuicidal TendenciesHatebreedExodusCrobotKyng, Fireball Ministry and Huntress

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