Mr. Bungle have just announced their first new album in 21 years. Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Slayer / Fantomas drummer Dave Lombardo will be featured on The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, which will be released Oct. 30 via Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings.

The experimental group has gone full-on thrash for its newest song, “Raping Your Mind,” utilizing Scott Ian’s piston of a right hand and Lombardo’s ferocious drum attack, while original Bungle members Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn keep things chaotic throughout the fresh cut.

“Recording THIS music with THESE guys was an enormous head-rush of virtuosity and surprises every day in the studio. Trey’s video game-esque solos, Scott’s bionic right hand and cyborg-like precision, Dave’s caveman-meets-Bobby Brady-like drum fills, Trevor’s solid foundation and laser-focus to detail. There is nothing sweeter than getting your ass kicked by true comrades… where everyone has a singular drive and mission,” Mike Patton says.

Dunn adds, “Recording this record felt like we were finally utilizing our Ph.Ds in Thrash Metal. All we had to do was go back to our original professors for some additional guidance and talk them into joining us. Turns out we were A+ students. We even went for extra credit by revisiting some tunes that we’d given up on back in the day. It was less like a trip of nostalgia and more like the refining of an original, worthy document. We were haunted for 35 years by the fact that this music wasn’t given it’s due respect. Now we can die.”

Listen to “Raping Your Mind” below and click here to pre-order The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo. The new track “Anarchy Up Your Anus” will even feature Cheers star Rhea Perlman, so there’s another thingy to look forward to!

Mr. Bungle "Raping Your Mind" (Pre-order now)

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