New York fans showed Virginia thrash metal band Municipal Waste how the Big Apple gets down at Santos Party House on Tuesday (June 26). Support for the show included Canadian metalers 3 Inches of Blood and trio Black Tusk.

The fans turned the Party House into a thrash bash as they made a Tuesday night feel like a Saturday at 1 a.m., for the last day of the tour. When Municipal Waste took the stage, which was soaked with beer and sweat, fans welcomed them with lots of love and lots of chaos.

With lenient security and no barricade separating the band from the crowd, stage divers hopped onstage with the band and leaped into the swarm of their fellow waste fans as the band performed favorites such as ‘Beer Pressure,’ ’Terror Shark,’ ‘The Thrashin’ of the Christ’ as well as their new tune ‘You’re Cut Off’ among many others.

3 Inches of Blood performed a solid set as circle pits were endless and brutal. Lingering fans onstage got help as frontman Cam Pipes blissfully threw them offstage.

Fresh off of playing the 2012 Orion Music + More Festival in New Jersey, Black Tusk started off the night with an insane performance that got the blood pumping and heads banging. With an abundance of talent and skill, the southern trio will be headlining shows of their own soon enough.

Check Out Photos of Municipal Waste, 3 Inches of Blood and Black Tusk