At the 2013 New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, we got a few minutes to spend with Municipal Waste bassist Land Phil. Along with the usual partying conversation that comes with a member of Waste, we got some interesting tour stories from the bassist about how to entertain yourself on the road.

Land Phil spoke with us about a 14-hour drinking session on the beach with fellow thrashers Exodus, Municipal Waste's signature beer 'Toxic Revolution,' buying tie-dye shirts from a Grateful Dead concert + more. Check out our interview with Municipal Waste bassist Land Phil below:

It's about time Municipal Waste got their own beer. What can you tell us about 'Toxic Revolution'?

It's [made by] Three Floyds, one of the greatest breweries out there. They were nice enough to make a beer for us and it's called 'Toxic Revolution,' like you said. It's f---ing dank! You drink one bottle and you've got a buzz for sure.

How many cases of 'Toxic Revolution' does Municipal Waste have at any given time?

They gave each of us a case right when they brewed it for the first time. I think we're getting more soon because we drink it so quick. If I could have kegs of it, I'd be stoked. They should just send me like 100 kegs.

Having a reputation as a party thrash band, you must have had some insane fan experiences. Are there any in particular that stand out in your mind?

I can definitely think of guys breaking their legs or getting their faces smashed in the pit -- just carnage in that regard. People landing on their faces after going over the guard rail. They just go splat! I've seen that a few times.

I remember at last year's festival there were ambulances called on all three days.

I think last time we played this fest we all wore tie-dye shirts because next to the fest there was a Grateful Dead show. So they had all these crazy stands of hippies selling tie-dye shirts and s--t. We all bought shirts and we came out [on stage with them]. I think at the end of the set Tony [Foresta, vocals] started taking his clothes off pretending to have an overdose or a bad trip or something.

What has been your most memorable moment from this year's Metal Alliance Tour with Anthrax, Exodus, High on Fire and Holy Grail?

It was nice to get to know the dudes in those bands. There was one day in Pensacola, Fla. where we had a day off and we hung out with Exodus on the beach at this beach-side bar the entire day. We spent like 14 hours at this bar just getting wasted, so that was a memorable moment. [In addition] I saw Kirk Hammett and Slash and Kerry King and all these different metal icons coming out to see the shows.

Do you see Municipal Waste sticking to your signature style or thrash or do you think there will be some experimenting in the future?

We're gonna do improvisational jazz for the next record. There will be some hour-long jams. We're going to explore new realms and we're gonna go where our hearts take us.

Sounds more inspired by acid than beer.

No drugs, just positive energy. [Laughs] I don't know. You can expect some more thrash metal for sure.