There will soon come a day when every band in the world will no longer sell shirts, hoodies or posters, they'll just bring a portable bar in order to get thirsty fans smashed off their signature brands of alcoholic concoctions. The latest acts to announce their own brands of intoxicant are grind legends Pig Destroyer and, unsurprisingly, Virginian thrashers Municipal Waste.

Municipal Waste and alcohol are almost impossible to separate, as the band have been writing thrash party anthems since their 2003 debut album, 'Waste 'Em All.' A decade later, Municipal Waste have come full circle, providing fans with the perfect brew to complement the band's music. 'Toxic Revolution' is a dark-as-night brew which is creamy on the palate and includes fruity, tropical hop notes balanced with roasted and chocolate malt, coming in at a head-spinning 8.5 alcohol percentage.

"Being able to have a beer made for the band is awesome," comments Municipal Waste drummer Dave Witte. "Having a beer made for the band by Three Floyds is incredible and a dream come true. Not only are they world-class beer makers, they are great people and understand the band. They invited me out to help brew and it was such a great time! After tasting the pilot batch and stages of the brew itself, I can say that this is going to be one hell of a beer. Three Floyds always outdoes themselves and this is no exception!"

The fine people at Three Floyds add, "Toxic Revolution was borne of relentless experimentation, ancient alchemy, and hatred. Hatred of uninspired, flavorless beer. Municipal Waste demanded we brew a massive-yet-drinkable, American-style oatmeal stout perfect for winter shred sessions."

Not much information has been released on Pig Destroyer's 'Permanent Funeral' ale besides the text featured on the beer's label:

The wolf inside this pale ale is trying to walk upright. This bright and aromatic beer was brewed with our friends in the band Pig Destroyer.

Municipal Waste's 'Toxic Revolution' ale is set for release this week via Three Floyds' regular beer distribution channels and vendors in 22-ounce bottles. By the sound of it, Municipal Waste's beer sounds like it will take its place as metal's greatest brew, although they face heavy competition in the form of Motorhead's 'Bastards Lager,' AC/DC German Beer and KISS 'Destroyer' beer.

Municipal Waste - 'Toxic Revolution' Ale

Three Floyds

Pig Destroyer - 'Permanent Funeral' Pale Ale

Three Floyds