After listening to 'Born to Party,' many Municipal Waste newcomers have asked themselves, "How exactly is Municipal Waste gonna f--- me up?" It's a fair question that can be easily answered, and we're happy to provide the answer to that very qualm with the exclusive premiere of Municipal Waste performing 'The Monster with 21 Faces' live at Scion Rest Fest 2013.

'The Monster with 21 Faces' is one of 17 thrashing tracks from Municipal Waste's fifth studio album, 'The Fatal Feast.' Named after the main villain of Japanese writer Edogawa Rampo's detective novels, 'The Monster with 21 Faces' breaks off a bit from the cannibalism-in-outer-space theme present in 'The Fatal Feast.' However, it's still violent as all hell.

This live piece of Municipal Waste crossover thrash showcases both the crunching speed and slow groove of Waste's sound. The footage also documents what Municipal Waste fans do best -- party in the pit and stage dive onto groups of said partiers. Also, this isn't just some crappy camera phone recording, Scion A/V deliver a clear, professionally shot clip from multiple angles.

Check out our exclusive premiere of Municipal Waste's 2013 Scion Rest Fest performance of 'The Monster with 21 Faces' in the video player above!