Hecklers never win, especially when dealing with seasoned performers. Here’s 10 times hecklers got called out, outclassed and verbally decimated by musicians.

When it comes to hecklers and naysayers, Henry Rollins is the Terminator. During a shoot for a TV show, Rollins was spending time with an Iranian photographer exiled from her country. While tripping to a record store, Rollins was heckled by a woman who called him “sweet tooth” and yelled “Get in the van.” Rollins crushed the young lady, also introducing her to his Iranian friend, hoping she could inspire the locals to someday measure up to her example.

When Iron Maiden were famously egged at Ozzfest 2005 at the hands of Sharon Osbourne, the legendary metal band stood strong, finishing their show despite the power also being cut. “My friends, this is an English flag and these colors do not fucking run,” Bruce Dickinson said from the stage. Maiden would later record “These Colours Don’t Run” for their 2006 A Matter of Life and Death album, arguably the album’s best song.

When you’re being heckled, why not just shred over the person’s voice? Guitar legend Paul Gilbert did just that during a gig, strumming his guitar at an extremely loud volume before running some gorgeous scales. “I can always get you to shut the fuck up if I want to,” Gilbert joked to a huge cheer from the crowd.

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