Rumor has it that Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler will be playing on Megadeth's next album. Fans of the legendary thrash band have been brainstorming on who will replace Shawn Drover since the drummer's leave from Megadeth in late 2014, and a new hint may just support the Chris Adler rumors.

Shawn Drover wasn't the only Megadeth member to make a sudden departure. Just hours after it was announced that Drover had left, guitarist Chris Broderick also bowed out. The result was Megadeth losing half its members, but much like in the past, departing musicians won't signal the end of Megadeth.

Obviously, the choice of bringing in Chris Adler would be a fantastic one if made by remaining Megadeth members Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson. Adler has laid down some insane drumming for Lamb of God over the last two decades. He's also tracked with Testament on their 2012 Dark Roots of Earth and with Protest the Hero for Volition in 2013.

The Chris Adler / Megadeth rumor just got a little juicier, as Adler and Dave Mustaine were recently photographed grabbing some food together by none other than former My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar:

File this under "possible evidence" alongside former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza's recent quote, “Well since Adler is playing on Megadeth's new album do I get to play on Lamb of God's new album? I’m down for it. Chris, you rock! One of my favorite drummers. Good luck bro.”

It's been reported that Megadeth began recording their newest full-length on March 17 in Nashville, Tenn., so the dates check out as well. Stay tuned for more news on Megadeth's new album as reports continue to flow in.

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