There's a growing buzz around Myrkur, the outfit led by the Danish-born Amalie Bruun, who now resides in the United States. The group's mystical blend of ethereal atmosphere and trance-inducing black metal made waves with their M debut, also gaining traction after landing an opening spot for Behemoth, who were on tour performing The Satanist in full. With their sophomore album on the horizon, Myrkur have released a new video for "Ulvinde."

The clip, directed by Mats Ek, finds Bruun traversing a gorgeous Norwegian landscape in a flowing white gown. It doesn't take long for the more gruesome aspects of the video to unfold as the frontwoman crawls along the moss-covered ground while blood spills from the corners of her mouth. Musically, the song features a wall of droning, distorted guitars as Bruun's elegant voice offers a reprieve from the darkness, abruptly flipping the script with a throat-ripping scream in the middle of "Ulvinde."

"'Ulvinde' is a song about escaping into the wilderness and the past. The song is partly about longing for a place in nature in peace away from the 'real' world, a world that I often feel I cannot and was never meant to function in," Bruun tells NPR, who premiered the video.

Mareridt (which translates to "Nightmare") will be the sophomore effort from Myrkur. The album will arrive on Sept. 15 through Relapse and pre-orders are available now in a variety of formats including limited splatter vinyl.

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