Holy hell! The next incredible metal tour to hit North America has just been revealed. During our recent interview with Exhumed frontman Matt Harvey, the extreme metal legend revealed that Exhumed will soon be embarking on a 2012 tour with thrash party masters Municipal Waste and iconic grindcore innovators Napalm Death.

Rumors of the tour have been circulating for a little while now, so Harvey decided to officially spill the beans during our interview at New York City's Summer Slaughter date. "It hasn't been officially announced, but people are already hitting me up to get on the list for various shows, so obviously people seem to know about it. We're doing a tour with Municipal Waste and Napalm Death in America and Canada," reveals Harvey.

Take a moment to change your pants and read more of what Harvey had to say below.

"It looks to be pretty extensive from the tentative routing that I've seen, so it's gonna be awesome," says Harvey. "There's gonna be some special guests getting confirmed as far as different regional bands, so it's gonna be great. I mean, those are two of my favorite bands. Napalm is my favorite all-time grind, death, whatever you want to call it, band. We really weren't gonna do any more touring, we were gonna try and record in November rather than in October, but it was the perfect tour for us, so we had to do it."

No dates have been revealed yet, but stay tuned for more updates on this must-see metal tour.