Who wouldn't love to be a fly on the wall when some of the top musicians from your favorite bands get together in an unexpected collective? That's what happened recently when longtime Police drummer Stewart Copeland invited some friends to his Sacred Grove recording studio for a jam session.

What an interesting lineup he pulled together, with Rush's Neil Peart, Tool's Danny Carey and 'South Park' co-creator Matt Stone all lending various forms of percussion. Copeland took up guitar for the jam session, while Vertical Horizon frontman Matt Scannell handled bass.

The song they performed is titled "A Little More Noise," taken from some random conversation with Peart before starting the performance that was looped in at several points during the song.

In the description for the track, which turned up on YouTube, Copeland reveals he invited Peart and Carey to come over after some new drums arrived at his studio. Scannell was also on hand to help Copeland with the riffs, while Stone chimed in on extra percussion.

While the jam session was impressive enough as it was, Copeland felt it needed a little more, so he invited Mike Dolbear, Thomas Lang, Dave Elich and Aaron Sterling to join in. The four drummers all laid down some horns for the song a couple of days later, and Copeland added some piano as "an afterthought." The performance footage from the initial jam, with some of the later guest players spliced in, can be seen in the video above.

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