Ozzy Osbourne's had quite the tumultuous year, but he's back on the mend. According to his wife Sharon, his solo follow-up to 2010's Scream is complete, with a January 2020 expected release.

Mrs. Osbourne was a recent guest on SiriusXM's Jess Cagle Show, where she provided a little more insight to the status of his health, following his illnesses and accident earlier this year. "He's getting there," she began. "He's just finished an album, the album's coming out [in] January."

She went on to describe his excitement over the recent Post Malone song "Take What You Want," which he provided guest vocals for, along with Travis Scott. "It's doing great, it's on Top 40 radio and it's climbing every week," she added. "It's been a huge boost for him because he felt literally worthless."

According to Sharon, the Prince of Darkness was "near to tears" watching anything on television that had to do with bands going on tour and music documentaries because of his tour cancellations this year. "He goes, 'I miss my life, I want my life back.' It's been really hard on him. But he's getting there. He'll be back," she emphasized.

Lucky for fans who had tickets for Osbourne's No More Tours 2 tour, he fully intends on making up all of the dates and completing the full run. "He's not totally retiring, but the touring — he won't do anymore touring," his wife added, though acknowledging he would absolutely consider doing a Las Vegas-type residency.

Watch the full interview below.

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