Mad Season were one of the '90s more interesting supergroups, but the deaths of frontman Layne Staley and bassist John Baker Saunders stalled the release of the band's planned second album. However, drummer Barrett Martin and guitarist Mike McCready spent a good portion of the last year finishing off some of their unreleased material for a special expanded reissued of their 1995 debut 'Above' and that reignited friendship may lead to even more recordings.

The Screaming Trees drummer and Pearl Jam guitarist have continued their musical partnership, welcoming fellow Seattle rocker and ex-Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan into the fold for a new as-yet-unnamed band. McCready tells Billboard that the thought at the moment is to fill out the group with a cast of singers, including Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman, among others.

He explains, "Duff and Barrett and I got together. We wrote some new stuff and we took some of those old Mad Season demos from that [unreleased] second 'Disinformation' record, so we are trying to find something to do with those. We're talking to Jaz from Killing Joke and I've been trying to find some singers to work on some of that stuff."

The guitarist says it's his hope that whatever the new group turns into, he'll be able to release the music via his newly launched Hockeytalker Records label. Sharing about the unusual name, McCready revealed, "It's what my three-year-old son calls a helicopter. I would like to put some of this stuff out on 45. If that happens, it'll be great."

In the interim, fans can look for Mad Season's deluxe expanded reissue of 'Above' coming on April 2.