Nightwish singer Floor Jansen recently cut her customarily long hair, evincing a different look than usual for the lead vocalist of the Finnish symphonic metal band.

But that doesn't mean that she's turning away from heavy metal, as she reassured fans this week.

In fact, Jansen said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Oct. 5) that her burgeoning solo career did not affect her decision to chop her locks. The haircut arose from a different reason entirely.

See photos of the haircut near the bottom of this page.

"I love my shorter hair!" Jansen said alongside a selfie.

"Even though I'd rather have it long and healthy," she continued. "But my hair grew thin, became brittle and wasn't healthy anymore. I started using extensions that made it look beautiful again. I am grateful for the possibility of that, but like my natural me the most. So, if that means shorter hair to make it healthy and natural again, so it is."

Jansen added, "I am excited to 'test drive' my shorter hair for some windmilling onstage with Nightwish next week in Brasil!!! It's still called headbanging haha, not hairbanging."

By way of assuaging any naysayers, however, she expounded, "I know some of you are concerned that I cannot or won't headbang anymore, and that the choice for shorter hair has somehow something to do with my solo career or a move away from metal."

She promised, "Rest assured, it is nothing more than a search for a natural healthy head of hair from a 40+ mom who is as in love with metal and music as ever, but also…. just human."

Nightwish's latest album, Human. :II: Nature, came out in 2020. Earlier this year, Jansen released some solo singles, including this spring's "Fire." See Nightwish's tour dates here.

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