Nikki Sixx was in a chatty mood Friday, so the Motley Crue bassist ventured online to take part in a chat with Best Buy's Unboxed chat series.

He fielded questions from fans, and one prominent topic was the subject of new Motley Crue music. Sixx explained, "We're writing … and when the songs are ready, we'll record them and how we will release them, we don't know, because everything is changing and we kinda like it."

When asked by a fan if they might consider something other than the album strategy, Sixx added, "How we release music in the future, whether it's song by song, EP by EP, album by album, or soundtracks to movies, we don't know … we're open and excited about our future and in no rush to release music just to release music. I hope you enjoy 'Sex.' It's just the beginning." The 'Sex' single arrives July 17, just in time for their tour with Kiss this summer.

Nikki also fielded questions about other rockers. When asked for his thoughts on Marilyn Manson, Sixx stated, "I always thought that Marilyn Manson had a great opportunity to be as big as Bowie or Alice Cooper, but he needed to write the songs as good as those artists do it."

The bassist also chimed in on the Lamb of God situation with singer Randy Blythe being jailed in the Czech Republic. He explained, "Yes, I have been following what's going on in the news with Randy and I think it's completely ridiculous. I don't know him, but I wish the best for him."