L.A. Guns vocalist Phil Lewis recently engaged in an online battle with Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx after Lewis trashed Crue's live performances and claimed that the band is just out for "easy money." Lewis followed up on his first rant with a second attack on the bassist, where he called Sixx and his best-selling autobiography 'The Heroin Diaries' "a total fraud."

The 55-year-old L.A. Guns singer began his rant with a typo-filled rant in the forums of MetalSludge.tv, in which he ripped not only Motley Crue but bands such as Poison and Def Leppard. Here's what he wrote, complete with misspellings:

"I don't like Arena rock Motley crue with exploding drum sets and migets bore me to death, Poision and Bret's muscle dance is an embaresment, Deff L going through the motions and mailing it in every night is pathetic. Most off all I don't like the knuckle heads that go to these 'Concerts' Motley Crue dude!!! Thats fine, the fans don't give a fuck about the music they wanna get drunk and hear the hits and the bands don't care they just want the outrageous easy money there used to getting and get the hell outa dodge ASAP, When was the last time any of those bands did a free after show meet and greet???"

After the diss was brought to the attention of Nikki Sixx via his Twitter account, the bassist brushed off the words of Lewis with the simple comment, "Ah, he's a sad lil pumpkin…"

In retaliation for Sixx's response, the L.A. Guns singer took to the internet again to bash Nikki Sixx:

"I say Nikki Sixx and his Heroin Diaries are a total fraud, Anyone that was ever addicted to Smack or any opiates knows not to glorify addiction its incredibly irresponsible. It's total crap as well, Nikki may have dabbled a little but him and most of the dinosaur rockstars of that era were doing tons of blow or cocaine. There was very little heroin in LA in the 80s compared to London. Sixx was a teenage millionaire with a very thin grasp on reality. I don't give a f--- what he thinks about me or any singers."

Although it seems that Sixx is personally finished with the matter, stay tuned for updates on this feud.