Today, Nine Inch Nails have released a new track, "Less Than," after premiering it on Apple's Beats 1 radio. Their new EP Add Violence comes out July 21.

The song shows a shift from their most recent EP, featuring a heavy synth base to things. Guitars still wail in the background over Trent Reznor's vocals, while visibly swaggering in a way reminiscent of his older work much like Pretty Hate Machine. A huge guitar chorus fires into focus, featuring a clean and catchy kind of riff. Things get noisy and weird as the song progresses, giving the best of both worlds with catchy, clean work found on the likes of With Teeth while also showing Reznor letting loose before an abrupt ending.

Late last year, Reznor and company released a new EP Not The Actual Events, showing a shift from the band's electronic heavy Hesitation Marks. It was a breath of fresh air for the group, totally hammering on guitar work in a way that hadn't been previously played in a long time. It intersected with sludge, and was undoubtably some of their heaviest work to date, almost 30 years in as a band.

It makes sense that Reznor is still releasing new tunes, as seen with his more active presence in recent months. He made an appearance on Twin Peaks with his band as "The Nine Inch Nails." It was a surprisingly long performance in the show, playing the entirety of their recent "She's Gone Away."

Hear "Less Than" above, and pre-order NIN's Add Violence EP here.

Nine Inch Nails, Add Violence EP Artwork

The Null Corporation
The Null Corporation

Nine Inch Nails, Add Violence EP Track Listing

1. “Less Than”
2. “The Lovers”
3. “This Isn’t the Place”
4. “Not Anymore”
5. “The Background World”

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