Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor has delivered a lot of angst over the years, but apparently his music has a calming effect on babies. Reznor has a very young new fan who's found pure happiness in the NIN single 'Copy of A.'

In a YouTube video that's going viral, Gary Kennedy's infant daughter is bawling until he puts on the Nine Inch Nails track, at which point she responds with a hilarious and adorable "Oooh … yeah," as her frown turns upside down. The rest of the video finds the toddler holding on to balance herself as she tries to dance along to the song.

Kennedy, who titled the clip 'How to Stop a Baby Crying With Nine Inch Nails,' calls his daughter "a smiling dancer" every time she starts to rock out to 'Copy of A.' "For whatever reason, this song always makes her happy," says Kennedy. "The song is 'Copy of A' by Nine Inch Nails. It's worth the buck or two for the track if it works this well. I thank Trent Reznor for turning my crying child into a smiling dancer."

Check out the adorable clip above!

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