Today (Nov. 16) marks the release of Nita Strauss’ debut solo album, Controlled Chaos. To celebrate the album, Nita Strauss was joined by ECW wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer and Busted Open radio host David LaGreca for a chat on music, wrestling and much more.

With Controlled Chaos, Strauss is aiming to continue the rich metal tradition of shred guitar albums. “I was always listening to the records that made shredding sound fun — Steve Vai, Satriani, Cacophony, Paul Gilbert. I think that’s what’s missing from modern shred guitar; so many people are playing so many amazing notes, but a lot of it doesn’t really sound all that fun. Yeah, it’s fast, it’s heavy, it’s technical, but it’s supposed to be fun and that’s what I’m trying to do with my record.”

Tommy Dreamer’s experiences with guitars are slightly different, as he’s usually getting hit over the head with them. Dreamer actually explained how to properly gimmick a guitar for cranial smashes, with the key being string removal so the victim’s head doesn’t get sliced up. Removing a few internal pieces of wood is also important for peak destruction, and a little baby powder inside will ensure a nice explosive effect once contact has been made.

Strauss also speaks about her complicated relationship with fans’ cell phones at shows. Though she fully supports crowd members grabbing some video and sharing to social media, the mid-show selfies rub her the wrong way. “The thing that I don’t like is the selfie when people turn their back to the stage,” Strauss explains. “I’m playing my heart out, I put everything that I have into my performance. If someone turns their back to me like a zoo animal… that drives me absolutely bananas. This guy had his back to me the entire show, in the front row taking pictures. I actually told him a few times, ‘Put your phone down.’ Then he was waiting by the [Alice Cooper] tour bus and asked for a photo with me. I said, ‘Don’t you have enough photos with me, guy?’”

Check out our full roundtable interview above and be sure to grab a copy of Nita Strauss’ Controlled Chaos.

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