What better way to learn than going straight to the source? That's what The Music Experience's Squiggy did, grabbing a few minutes with Nita Strauss aboard her tour bus for this edition of Gear Factor powered by Sweetwater to discuss her favorite riffs, including one in particular in her recent song "Mariana Trench."

First up, Squiggy and Nita talk about her close association with the WWE and why she feels it's been such a fruitful experience. “The thing about the WWE fans and the WWE Universe is that they recognize one of their own. I’m such a big fan and I think that’s a big part of why I’ve been able to integrate myself so well into the WWE world. The fans see me and go, ‘That’s one of us,'" says Nita. "And it’s my dream to go up there and have a Wrestlemania moment just like everyone else.”

Strauss realized another dream last year when wrestling legend Triple H picked up her song "Mariana Trench" as an NXT Takeover theme. “Triple H actually chose the song himself, which was such an honor. Once again, just as a fan, the fact that he even knows about my music was absolutely mind blowing,” says the guitarist.

Strauss says in general she's a fan of high octane tracks, adding, “I write songs that teenage boys can play race car video games to, shoot em’ up games or whatever. I like to write fast-paced, high octane, big breakdowns, big choruses -- that’s what I like to do. For me that translates well to a lot of different avenues.”

Getting down to business, Squiggy helps set things straight for the YouTuber tribute performers out there, asking Nita to showcase some of her playing. Strauss picks her favorite riffing part from "Mariana Trench" and showcases how it's done. Watch the video below for the demonstration and her whole chat with Squiggy.

Nita Strauss' Controlled Chaos album is currently available via Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay. And for all your gear needs, be sure to head over to Sweetwater.com.

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