NOFX frontman Fat Mike laid the smackdown on an Australian fan while performing in Sydney on Nov. 5. Mike had been suffering from a serious neck issue, so when a fan rushed the stage and put his arm around the punk veteran, Mike answered with a forearm to the head followed by a swift kick to the face.

The Sydney show was NOFX's first stop on their current Australian tour. The rowdy crowd began to toss things at Fat Mike, who asked the audience to cut it out. "I hurt my neck somehow, really bad, so I can't really move around very well. So if you throw something at me again, I'm gonna really be pissed." Soon after, Fat Mike was clocked in the face with a flying piece of trash.

Fans kept throwing stuff at the stage, which was put together as a montage in this video:

Fat Mike was visibly annoyed, but he kept playing on. However, Mike lost his cool when a fan found his way onto the stage.

The Australian fan, Alex, thanked Mike for the KO, but also apologized for creeping up on the NOFX frontman. Fat Mike also took the time to offer his own apology:

Alex also posted a picture of the fat lip he received courtesy of Fat Mike, wearing the clothes he had on at the show while holding up his concert ticket:

Fat Mike offered a gesture of peace to further apologize to the Australian fan:

Alex has continued to defend Fat Mike via the fan's Twitter account, burying the hatchet for good. For the full list of NOFX's Australian tour dates, click here.

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