A little bored during these troubling times? NOFX's Fat Mike gets it, which is why fans are getting some new music sooner than probably expected. The band has a new album coming later this year, but he reveals in a new Instagram post that he decided to go ahead and release a new song.

"I realized today that I have tons of new NOFX songs and videos from our new album which won't be out til sometime this summer, but since everyone's like, stuck at home and bored, I'm just gonna release a bunch of songs now so people can all enjoy them before we're all dead," said Fat Mike in the post below, before leading fans to a new video for "I Love You More Than I Hate Me."

It should be noted that the video is not suitable for viewing at work, as there are visuals of people committing suicide. The clip also involves a guest turn by punk band The Bombpops. Check out the lyrics for the track below and new video just after that:

You'd cover my face when you'd fuck me
We were intimate WITHOUT intimacy
Like a gutter punk-tuation
In a foreign conversation
I feel like Thoreau at party I throw
I’m a selfmade scarecrow

I love you more than I hate me
Cuz you are everything I wish I could be
I'm a friendless best friend
A single bookend, “a walking dead ender”
“I’m a return to sender”

We didn’t know the fix was in
Years before our race was run
Our epilogue was predestin
Like A Maori Tribe 4th son

LIKE A RANDY rhodes scholar
OR a rotary cell phone
The un favorite sundial tone
My conscience disobeys me
Because I always cease to amaze me
I’m like a VIR…. GIN BLOSSOM
I’m on the verge of nawesome

A unhip-hop scotch blend
Where everyone tried to pretend
They didn’t want our love to end

Warning: The following video contains imagery that could be triggering to some.

NOFX, "I Love You More Than I Hate Me"

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