Nonpoint are getting their ducks in a row as they plan to take the next step in their musical career. The band has just inked a new deal with Metal Blade Records that will serve as their label home everywhere but in North America.

"This is a dream situation for us," explains frontman Elias Soriano. "Just getting an offer from Metal Blade. We've always needed a team behind us outside of the U.S. It's a great feeling knowing you now have the best team possible."

Drummer Robb Rivera adds, "We are excited to not only get THE worldwide label of labels to release our album outside of the U.S., but to be part of a family now that has pretty much set the bar for metal releases for 30-plus years. Needless to say, extremely excited to be able to get our music to the fans outside of the U.S. through the team that helped launch Metallica."

Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records adds, "All of us at Metal Blade are happy to welcome Nonpoint to the Metal Blade family. We are excited to work with them and the bit of new material I heard sounds great!!"

Nonpoint have been working on new music, recently taking to their Twitter account to offer a recording update and to reveal that the new disc is on target for a Fall release.

Look for Nonpoint returning to the road in April, with a few scattered festival dates leading into the summer.