The pandemic has put a number of people in places where you'd least expect to see them ... like say, home, for instance, if you're a touring musician. So you can understand a delivery man's recent reaction when recently dropping off some items for Nothing More frontman Jonny Hawkins.

The Nothing More singer recently posted video taken from his Ring camera on the door in which he was recognized by a delivery man, but not without the guy first questioning the validity of the resemblance.

"Does anyone ever tell you you look like the singer of Nothing More," asks the delivery man, to which Hawkins replies, "Yeah, I am the singer of Nothing More." We're not sure if Hawkins answered the door shirtless, as he often appears in concert, but the delivery man correctly spotted the vocalist, giving a "No freaking way" as he handed off the last of the delivery.

Having received multiple Grammy nominations for their last album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, the band had dedicated 2020 to working the follow-up. Hawkins told us in a 2019 interview that he was finalizing a new home studio room to work on new music.

At the time, he revealed, "Most of where my head has been at is a lot of just personal. I've experienced a lot of emotions that I've never really experienced before in my life, and a lot of that is a result of moving to a different state that I've never lived in before. I'm leaving a lot of my family and friends eight hours away. It's being on a totally new terrain with my girlfriend, uncharted territory relationship wise, learning a lot about myself, so I've been experiencing a lot of emotions, positive and negative that I've been trying to dig into and navigate. I've also been doing counseling sessions with a counselor that I've trusted for the last few years who has been really insightful and sometimes a mystical mirror for me. He has brought a lot of interesting ideas to my mind when I open up and unload a lot of the thoughts that I'm having. That's been inspiring a lot of song ideas."

The singer added, "As far as out in the external world, I think the biggest thing I've been inspired by is Jordan Peterson who is a clinical psychologist who has got a lot of popularity on YouTube in the last few years. A lot of people know him for his more, I guess, controversial social issues but most of his really good stuff is his lectures in clinical psychology and his dealings with people of all different psychological backgrounds. He's super enlightening, insightful and deep. It's giving me a lot to chew on right now."

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