Nearly every artist has an album that they become truly known for, so we put together a Loud List of times nu-metal artists talked about their classic albums.

Nu-metal rose to prominence during the late '90s and was on top of the world until about the mid 2000s. Many of the artists associated with the label initially disliked being lumped into a group with other bands from the same era, because many of them were very unique to each other.

However, we've seen a surge in its popularity again over the last couple of years, and some of them have come to accept that they were a part of a big moment in heavy music history. Now, we even have an annual event celebrating this era of music — the Sick New World Festival — which started in 2023.

The video below features footage of members of Korn, System of a Down, Linkin Park, Slipknot and a couple of other bands talking about the albums that put them on the map.

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Regardless of whether you think these bands deserve to be put into the same category, they each had an impact on future generations of rock and metal musicians that came after them.

Check out the video below.

Nu-Metal Bands Talking About Their Classic Albums

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