Of Mice & Men are ready to make their presence felt in 2014 with their 'Restoring Force' album. With the release just a few weeks away, Loudwire brings you this exclusive video preview of the disc with singer Austin Carlile sharing his thoughts on the album.

"Just the fact that we can give our fans and our family and our true listeners a piece of us, that says a lot," says the singer in the video. "That means the world to me and that's something that I'm really excited about this album is that everyone that hears it gets to take something from it and it's something that I want to give them."

The band worked on the effort at the House of Loud in New Jersey with acclaimed rock producer David Bendeth. The video also gives fans a few inside glimpses of the recording process with Bendeth and the band members laying down tracks and getting to hear things in playback.

Of Mice & Men fans are already being treated to the lead single 'You're Not Alone.' They've also issued the preview track 'Bones Exposed,' and there's plenty of more great music to come on the 'Restoring Force' album. The disc is due Jan. 28 via Rise Records and there are currently a number of pre-order bundle options available at this location.

Fans can catch Of Mice & Men on the road supporting the new disc beginning Feb. 3 in Orlando, Fla. The band will be sharing stages with Bring Me the Horizon, and dates for the trek can be seen here.