By now, it is quite typical to see contestants singing rock and metal songs on reality television competitions. Extreme metal is often represented with gut-busting performances and shocked reactions from the judges and rock classics tend to be less than impressive. This wasn't the case for one contestant who auditioned on Spain's Got Talent, who began singing opera before busting out an AC/DC anthem.

The contestant, Cristina Ramos, took the stage, belting out opera showcasing her jaw-dropping vocal abilities, which might have been enough to gain approval from the judges in the first place. Things took a sudden and unexpected turn when Ramos was interrupted by the ageless guitar riff from AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." She played along, coming across as taken aback, but the singer played her hand perfectly.

Ripping off the bottom portion of her dress revealing ripped pants, Ramos ripped into an electric performance, further dazzling the judges and receiving a roar from the live studio audience. With an aggressive vocal take, she takes complete ownership of her rendition and unleashes a glass-shattering wail that ranks up there with the finest Rob Halford screams. The judges remained wide-eyed with mouths agape throughout the performance, overtaken by both disbelief and mesmerization.

Needless to say, Ramos was selected to advance in the competition. One of the judges pressed the gold buzzer, indicating she is heading straight for the live rounds and can forego the remainder of the audition process.

The future of AC/DC remains veiled in mystery. The band was forced to postpone the remainder of their Rock or Bust tour dates when singer Brian Johnson was ordered by doctors to stop touring immediately or risk "total hearing loss." With a promise to reschedule the dates, AC/DC have suggested they will be selecting a guest singer to fill Johnson's absence.

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