For the first time since their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011, the original Alice Cooper band reunited at Good Records Dallas. This time, the reunion wasn't billed and promoted, but was a pleasant surprise for those attending bassist Dennis Dunaway's book signing for Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group.

The memoir “takes readers into back rooms, behind brainstorming sessions, and into the most exclusive parties of the 1970s, revealing the talent, drama, and characters that drove two teenagers to create what would become America’s highest-grossing act.” While memoirs like this usually disclose details other band members would like kept private, this is not the case here as Alice made a statement before the publishing, expressing, “I still consider Dennis Dunaway to be one of my best friends. Dennis is one of the few true surrealists that I’ve ever met. … This book carries on in Dennis’ own private surrealistic world.”

Guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neil Smith were already on sight at the signing, but the real treat came when Alice himself showed up. The signings were halted for a bit, but to no dismay as the stage was cleared for a legendary night to unfold for those lucky fans. Photographer Mark Bowman was on scene, and told Ultimate Classic Rock, “They were having a blast visiting with the fans and it was such a generous, interactive book signing that they were up there for over two hours. Somebody reminded them that it was time for a little music. They cleared the stage, came out and blew the roof off the place with Cooper classics. Why these guys are not making music today or touring today is beyond me.”

Exclusive shots of the event (see the gallery above) were captured by Bowman, who expanded on the night, “The surviving members of the Alice Cooper group seemed so happy to be playing together and feeding off the delirious crowd’s energy. I thought I was going to Dennis Dunaway’s book signing and in the middle of it, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame reunion went down right in front of my face! I had not seen these guys play together live for 42 years.”

The only original member not on stage was the late Glen Buxton, who passed away in 1997 from pneumonia at the age of 49. Filling in was current Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie, who was in the band from 1996-2006 and rejoined in 2012.

Alice Cooper is currently on tour with Motley Crue as Crue say their final farewells. Check out all the remaining tour dates here.

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